When To Clean Filter

There is not a set length of time required to clean pool filters. You clean the filter based upon pressure. In order to determine what pressure your system is running at, you must have a properly working filter pressure gauge. If your gauge does not go back to zero when the pump is off, gets stuck so that you have to tap on the gauge, or if the needle is jumping around, you need a new gauge. To determine when you need to clean your filter, you must first clean your filter really well, this establishes a starting point. For cartridge filters, clean cartridges as best as you can. for D.E. filters, you cannot just backwash, you must take the D.E. grids out of the filter and clean them as best as you can. For sand filters, if you know your sand is getting up there in age, now would be a good time to replace the sand, if it is still in good shape, a good backwashing will do. Once you have your filter put back together and your system has primed, take a reading of the filter gauge, write this number down and also take a permanent marker and put a mark at the current clean pressure. When your gauge reads 7 PSI above your clean pressure mark, it is time to clean your filter. Example: Your clean filter pressure is 10 PSI, when the filter pressure gets up to 17 PSI, it is time to clean your filter.

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