Pool Pump Energy Cost

Have you ever wondered how much it costs to run your pump? Replacing your current pump with one of today's Energy Efficient pumps can greatly cut down on your energy bill. New pool pumps with lower HP ratings flow more water than older pumps with higher HP ratings.

Here are a few things you will need to know to figure out your energy costs:

- Your current per Kw. Hr. rate you pay PG&E, this can be found on your energy bill.
- The voltage your pump runs on, 115v or 230v.
- How many hours you run your pump per day.
- The amps your pump motor draws, this can be found on the motor label. On some motors there are different amp draw ratings, this is because your pump can work on both 115v as well as 230v. The higher amp draw rating will be for 115v, while the smaller amp draw rating will be for 230v. Some motors are rated for 115v/208v-230v, the amp draw rating might look something like: 14.8/7.8/7.4 Or 14.8/7.8-7.4, the largest number is for 115v while the smallest number is for 230v, don't pay any attention to the middle number.

Determining Your Pool Pump Energy Cost

Step 1 Multiply Amp Draw By Voltage = Answer 1
Step 2 Multiply (Answer 1) By Hours Your Pump Runs Per Day = Answer 2
Step 3 Multiply (Answer 2) By Your Current Per Kw. Hr. Rate = Cost To Run Per Day
Step 4 Multiply Cost To Run Per Day By 30 = Cost To Run Per Month
Step 5 Multiply Cost To Run Per Month By 12 = Cost To Run Per Year
Note for Answer 2: if your number looks something like 2346.00 or 22287.00, move the decmil point 3 places to the left. Example: 2346.00 change to: 2.346 or 22287.00 change to: 22.28, use only the first 4 numbers. For the hours you run your pump, use .25 for 15 minutes, .5 for 30 minutes, and .75 for 45 minutes. Example:
2 hours, use: 2
2 hours 15 minutes, use: 2.25
2 hours 30 minutes, use: 2.50
2 hours 45 minutes, use: 2.75

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