GPM Flow Of Your Pump

Determining the gallon per minute (GPM) flow of your pool pump is an important factor in determining how long you need to run your pump during the day to filter the water. It also tells you if your pump is properly sized to your pool system. This is also an important factor in determining which pool pump to go with when you are replacing your old one, your current pump may not be properly sized.

First you will need to know a couple of things before calculating.

- You need to know the pump model #
- After you have found the pump model, you need to find the pump curve for your pump
- Feet of head resistance of your pool system
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Lets say your pool system has 40 feet of head resistance and your pump model is the Pentair WhisperFlo WFE-4 011513. We need to now look at the pump curve to find the GPM flow. The pump curve for this model is letter G. We look at the Y axis and find 40 feet, it shows 100 GPM. you now know how much water your pump flows for your system per minute. To find out how much water your pump flows in an hour, you multiply the GPM by 60. In this case, 100 GPM X 60 Minutes = 6000 GPH (Gallons Per Hour).

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